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CBD flowers wholesale Switzerland, Everyone has experienced the drag when it is time to go to the gym \’\’and workout or workout at home if that is how you do it. Suddenly the energy disappears, \’\’and your feet feel like lead. But we all know the importance of the workouts for our general health so maybe there is something that could help. CBD hemp flower prepares you for workouts if you know how \’\’and when to dose. Whether you are dosing with CBD tincture or gummies or smoking a hemp pre-roll, your timing could help to put a spring in your heel. CBD flowers wholesale Switzerland


  • Timing of Your Dosing
  • Method of Delivery
  • Deciding Which Hemp Flower
  • “Your Workout Preparation” Last Words
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CBD Hemp Flower Prepares You for Workouts — Timing of Your Dosing

However, It is about timing, maybe not ALL about timing but still about timing. Whether it is energy you need for your workout or flexibility without pain during your workout, there is a certain time that is best to dose. Let’s say that you usually go to the gym or start your home workout in the early morning hours then your dose would be best within an hour of your workout. CBD flowers wholesale Switzerland

CBD hemp flower prepares you for workouts with energy, focus \’\’and as little pain as possible.  The pain we are talking about here is pain from previous injuries or some form of arthritis or bone restriction.

CBD flowers wholesale Switzerland — Method of Delivery

If your method of dosing is smoking/dry vaping, you will feel the effects the fastest \’\’and will enjoy the best potency. If you dose with CBD tinctures or CBD-infused gummies (dissolved under the tongue) you will enjoy good potency as well even though not as high as smoking/dry vaping.

CBD hemp flower prepares you for workouts by tapping into the area of your body or mind that needs support. It is not about the immediatency of the effects altogether as about having the CBD support last throughout your workout \’\’and beyond. Depending on the hemp flower you use or the CBD product you use will determine the time is stays in your body. Also if you have been taking CBD long enough to have built up a “load” in your body, will give a more continual support.

CBD Hemp Flower Prepares You for Workouts — Deciding Which Hemp Flower

So, There are many ways CBD hemp flower prepares you for workouts so let us look at them. The Sativa types are the hemp flower strains you want before your workout because they are energizing strains. They also provide better focus \’\’and productivity.

Hawaiian Haze hemp strain has a strong 21% CBD \’\’and is Sativa so will be energizing.

Blue Genius CBD hemp flower strain has 13% to 17% CBD \’\’and smells good enough to eat or to set as a centerpiece on the table for his floral attributes.  Blue Genius is sativa-dominant strain first bred \’\’and grown in Oregon.

The Purple Lifter hemp flower is a high-grade indoor flower which is sativa leaning strain.  It st\’\’ands at a strongmn18.96%

“Your Workout Preparation” Last Words

When you are dosing with gummies or tincture, you will not know the hemp flower strain that was used so you cannot be that exact. However, CBD goes after pain no matter what flower strain it comes from so, that being said, you receive the focus, the energy \’\’and the productive drive you need from CBD.

The other alternative is, you can make your own gummies at home \’\’and use a specific Sativa hemp flower strain to make them then you can target the results more specifically.  CBD hemp flower prepares you for workouts by being specific for your particular needs.  This blog titled Weekly DIY Extract Your Own CBD Oil The Easy Way will have the instructions to make your own CBD oil.

The blog titled Weekly DIY CBD Gummie How To will give you the instructions for making your own gummies using the hemp flower strain you want so you get the effects you need for your workout.


“2021 Vision for CBD Flower – Its All Clear Now”

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

CBDHEMPVAULT CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

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