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Buy CBD Flowers & CBD Buds starting from €0.50 per gram


CBD Flowers starting from €0.50 per gram

CBDHEMPVAULT offers excellent strains of CBD flowers at the lowest price in UK and Europe. Discover our selection of CBD buds from the best Italian crops.CBD Flower Buy Wholesale

An array of exclusive products composing a bouquet of surprising aromas, available loose or in personalized packaging.

Grown indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, Hempati’s CBD Flowers are a result of the Italian experience, and of its sunny climate and rich soil.

Hemp Flowers Wholesale from 100g

Our CBD hemp flowers can be purchased at wholesale price by ordering amounts as low as 100g.

With Hempati you can manage your CBD buds very easily: you can break it down in quantities, have it packaged by us, use our brand or create your own brand.CBD Flower Buy Wholesale

Our wholesale hemp flowers are hand or machine trimmed, grown indoor, ourdoor or in greenhouses.

We make sure to offer Premium quality CBD hemp flowers to our customers in Europe & UK.

Wholesale CBD Flower Indoor

Buy in bulk the best CBD buds, grown indoor in supreme conditions at our facilities in Italy.

Our indoor CBD flowers are grown at the right temperature, thanks to a premium growing system that coordinates LED grow lights, air circulation, dehumidifiers and ACs.

Growing Cannabis indoors allows us to have complete control over the plant, resulting in high-quality weed and multiple harvests.

100% Italian Cannabis Strains

Hempati CBD Buds come only from the best Italian Cannabis strains.

Our Cannabis strains are grown with 100% natural methods. To ensure a CBD weed of the highest quality, we choose only CBD buds from the best crops, grown without the use of pesticides and chemical products.

Our supply chain aims to excel, with CBD farms in many regions, among which Valtellina, in the Tuscan Chianti region, and in the seaside areas of Liguria and Sardinia.

Each one of Hempati’s hemp flower stands out for the uniqueness of its flavour and the elevated concentration of CBD.

Our CBD buds have a THC level below 0.2%, in compliance with European law.

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